Imagine that feeling of having a twitter account that is visible on Google’s first page. There are times when you actually want to occupy some big space for your name in the search result as a way to clear off some negative reviews, twitter helps to control all of that.

Twitter definitely requires more effort and resources than other platforms, but it also offers some unique advantages to balance it out. On Twitter you can do direct outreach, post content multiple times in the same day to test content themes and search public posts easily. If you’re target market uses other platforms a lot more than Twitter, it may not be worth all the effort it requires to stay active, but if you do have a large audience on Twitter, it could end up being your biggest source of engagement.

Do you find yourself jealous of those big companies that are searchable and been found on Google’s first page? Then read on for its time to build a strong identity and displace negative content or reviews.

Active Twitter Account

Before you can really get on the first page of Google using twitter, the first approach is to get a functioning twitter account with good profile. Use a real name or brand name. Try to rank and associate a brand name that you love that happens to be out of your own taste, whatever you want. For instance, if you have different name on twitter and facebook, it will be ranked by Google differently. But if both bears same name on those two platforms, it will help grow one another.

Many folks out there will be surprise and even disappointed to see that just simply opening an account, using a real name and even tweeting their own content does not mean that their pages could be speedily and miraculously rise your pages up the rankings. Your account on twitter can’t just be left to isolation if it’s actually going to achieve some certain objectives.

Keep in mind your Twitter profile will probably evolve, and change over time – the text and the links. Google looks at your bio thru the lenses of its Meta-Description. This means your bio must incorporate keywords, be both crisp and interesting and be informative. Your word usage must be effective and used wisely as you only are allowed the use of 160 characters. Make sure also that your Twitter profile is linked to your website by incorporating its URL (The specific URL landing page is another topic by itself), and use your primary keywords within your bio description.

People who are interested in following a brand or a product on social media often search for Twitter accounts on Google. Google will use the brand name as a keyword to search Twitter to find similar accounts with the same Twitter handle. Make sure your account uses your brand name as the account username.

Optimizing your Twitter account, providing authoritative backlinks to your profile, tweeting, and getting retweeted will benefit your Google Rankings. The account that has the originating link will need activity to gain authority with Google. Once authority is established then your Twitter account should start moving up the Google Rankings.

Twitter is a social media platform which only works very well when used socially. Moreso, you will want your friends and eve n other people to get your content reviewed or re-tweeted. You will be more successful if only you are followed by persons that are quite relevant. So, get a good active account and make efforts in building intimate relationships.


Consistent Tweets

In anything we do so as to achieve tangible result, consistency is the key that will take you far and wide. So likewise you using twitter as a means of reaching the first page on Google implies that that your tweets are consistent.

Tweet frequently. You cannot say that a particular tweet of yours which got the audience interested about and was a huge burst be sufficient and you now go days and months without tweeting again, this simply won’t work. Twitter algorithm has a component that uses carousel of tweet. So if you are not consistent in tweeting and previously achieved the carousel, it will go away. Make it a habit by trying to tweet daily, and tweet a few times per day.

Every marketing strategy requires an investment. So invest in it as much as you can to improve your website search rankings. It makes sense that Google gives more weight to a retweet than a tweet. Based on the assumption that others find your content worthy of sending to their followers, Google says “Hey you must be important content and I’m going to give you a few points for authority”. Obviously, we don’t know if this is entirely the way Google flags a retweet, but it makes sense to me and many others, at least.

More shares mean more awareness for your brand and better for website SEO. Keep sharing your website and blog post links on Twitter consistently to achieve the best results. Add images to your tweets as well. Your image has the opportunity to appear in the Google search results. Google reads all elements on the page including images. People tend to get interested in tweets that contain pictures, its goes more viral.

Moreso, tweet what works. Try and discover what works for your Twitter users and audience, switch to posting things that they will be interested, stuff that will help you gain more likes, shares, retweets and probably replies. Jokes, humorous and savage stuff will really gain attraction and interactions. Increasing the tweet volume is straight forward – just tweet. What to tweet and when to tweet is an entirely different topic, but it is important to tweet. It’s my understanding that Google starts to pay attention to you (within an authority category) when you reach you reach 5,000 tweets. If this is the case, then just keep tweeting. Be consistent, and tweet good content to your viewers.

Also don’t forget to encourage retweets. Other than Google and Twitter search, the most effective way to expand the reach of your tweets is with retweets. Unlike Facebook, there’s no penalty for asking people to share your content. Some of the most effective organic tweets end with a clear call to action. Make sure your tweets are short enough to retweet. The optimum tweet length for retweetability is fewer than 120 characters. This leaves room for other Twitter users’ handles in their retweets. Some handles are longer than others, but 120-character tweets should provide enough space to accommodate even the longer ones.

However, being consistent implies you tweet compelling and engaging content like memes, pictures, videos.  Some nature of contents will miraculously and automatically lend themselves to attracting more interactions like magnets. By so, you are becoming visible even more on Google. Research shows that some users interact likely to tweets containing images, jokes, videos, animated graphics and memes that look entertaining.


Get connected with Influencers

You might want to know who an influencer is. Influencers are people in your niche or industry whom everyone listen to and who everyone probably follows. You’ve got to identify those influential persons and make sure they aren’t robotics or fake rather real.

It is important to know that a person with a million audience, fans or followers might still not be a great for you. Majestic SEO topical trust is a good way to be able to ascertain who is true or not.

By doing this, you are connecting with people who you already know from other sites, so they are likely to be valuable followers on Twitter who can help to connect with when building your profile.


Create controversial unique content and competions

This is one simple way to use your twitter to get your on the first page of Google and also one simplest rule for SEO but also one of the hardest to pull off. If truly you want to be on Google’s front page and to make people retweet your content then create unique content that are controversial. This will make your users get hooked up to your account. Make the contents also sharable to your own audience followers.

Adding competitions will create a wider reach and provide a quick boost. Most advisable way to really use your twitter for being in top Google’s searches is to populate your site with great stuff. Readers are invited to comment on whether this is old news or whether this is a new opportunity and incentive for search marketers to step up their investment in Twitter to promote their businesses and their clients.

The content of the page is the number one ranking factor in the eyes of Google which only wants great content. The quality of the page defines the ranking position that is position 11 VS position 4. Start with the premise of “build great content, get found”. Think deeply about the content you create and you will make it valuable, comprehensive and useful. The goal here is to produce content that someone would want to link back to or reweet.

Posting quality content and even controversial tweets will also encourage people to follow you. Building high numbers of followers will enhance your authority in Google’s algorithm system, meaning, any links you post will carry more weight.


Improve on your keywords

Improving on your keywords is another way to use twitter gets you on Google’s eyes. Just like web programmers and blogs owners optimize and litter their sites with keywords that they want to be rank, so likewise with twitter. Make sure your twitter account is optimized around that your short tweets.

Try adding keywords, phrases, quotes to your twitter profile and use them naturally in your tweets. This is so important because without that, you may not know the relevance by Goggle of your retweets and tweets.

Keywords that you’re already using in the metadata of your website are a good place to start. Your website keywords might not translate perfectly to twitter, but if you combine them with popular hashtags and topics that work well in your content, you’ll have a good group to test.

You’ll know which keywords are working best by monitoring your engagement, link clicks and reach. Any spikes in those metrics will show you which tweets have effective keywords in them. Then you can use those keywords more in your tweets and profile. The best rule of thumb is to create compelling copy that contains the keywords that relate to the page.

Every time you tweet, you have the opportunity to show up in Google search results for a topic that your customers and prospects care about. While your tweets may not last as long at the top of search results as a website would, you get more chances to be relevant through your tweets.

The words in your tweet will show up on Google, but the images and links in your tweet will show up at the top of the search results on Twitter. Make sure to give your readers everything you can in each tweet. When it comes to Twitter, the more effort you put in, the better your results will be.

Finally, create a good representation of your brand. Whether you want to clear off negative content or even to make your brand’s identity; manage your reputation. Twitter in most recent time is one powerful platform and tool at your reach.

Research conducted last year shows that out of 25-30 of 50 brand names have their twitter account profiles showing on Google’s front page when their name is been searched. To be on Google’s first page mostly implies credibility. Control what runs through your twitter account. Don’t condole abusive insulting tweets.

Reports made by Statista reports says Twitter has 33.2% penetration in the US market here in 2018, and the audience size in that channel is only set to increase.

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