Some many folks out there find it so difficult in getting social media ads right at their very first start.

Using social media for advertising in this 21st century is going to yield faster and have a greater value. You post content on different social media channels. Recent and newest content is quite alright but re-strategizing and re-purposing your content and stuff is the right strategy to grow fast. This will definitely give you an edge and whole new users a chance to actually discover and even digest and consume your existing content.

Moreso, social media ads acts as an accelerant that would give you millions and millions of views you wouldn’t have dreamt of.  You could even get featured at and pave way for opportunities probability on most read magazine, most watched TV channels and the likes.

However, if your content marketing and social media ads efforts are struggling, then these ridiculously powerful social media advertising tricks will turn your content donkeys into unicorns. Advertising can help dramatically increase the reach of your posts. On Facebook, only about 3% of your fans will see any given update.

This article will systematically take you through some needful tips that will make you get a boom start.

  1. Improve on your credibility

The first question that should come to your mind is, how credible and trustworthy are you? Brands and organization can make use of this process to actually spread their content, but they do that to only if those who share it are perceived to be trustworthy and credible. It is important to know how connections respond to a user’s posts or shares than how much the user shares. Young teenagers will actually find engaging post worth sharing.

A particular American Press Institute took a very critical look on this and came with a finding that users place greater weight on who shares content than on where it came from originally.

  1. Persistency

Another essential tip you should know is persistency. Be persistent. This is the most awesome criteria that actually defines and describes an organization or brand’s success. It means there is a quite response to feedbacks and working to actively improve on social media presence.

It is worthy to note that steady and constant flow of production of quality unique content will always keep users and audience tuned in, translating user engagement with content into tangible results. They definitely will always want to check up for any latest because of your perseverance.

Persistency also implies you keep a close pulse on the industry to actually see what’s going on there, if there are latest updates and the likes. You need to keep your finger on the pulse as social media is constantly changing and new features continuously emerge and evolve. Subscribe to social media blogs to keep yourself informed of any relevant news, changes and updates. If you don’t make an effort to keep yourself informed, you’ll find that your social media will become increasingly less effective and your audience will start to pay more attention to your competitors than you.

  1. Be attentive and have a listening ears

You gain a foothold in the marketing frontier, more followers and users at your very first time using the social media ads by being able to listen actively and respond greatly to their queries, enquiries, interest and needs.

According to Sprout Survey report, it was discovered that only over 75-80 percent of users purchase a product after engaging and interacting with marketing content on a social media platform. Today, users discovered a new brand through social media as via a conventional ad.

Many organizations and brands today are finding it so hard to get their social media ads for the first time; they can overcome that struggle and resistance they are experiencing by being attentive and by opening their ears.

  1. Select your audience

It will be a waste of time just placing your ads on social media for everyone to see with little or no feedback. Targeting all of your fans and users isn’t precise. Its laziness and you’ll waste a lot of money. It is quite critical and important to be selective about who and who your ads will be beneficiating to.

Be selective about your audience targeting. It’s even better and idea to target a precise number of persons through multiple ads. By so doing, it will help you have a wider view of your audience and understand better the intricacy of your target audience and also optimize your audience target in subsequent ads.

  1. Use videos for paid ads

For you to get the very best use of social media ads at the very time, implore the use of videos alongside your text and contents. It is reported by Facebook that auto play video ads appears more and is viewed averagely 5.7 seconds  in the News Feed average 5.7 seconds of view time, so it’s especially critical to grab your audience’s attention right off the bat. Instructional videos can be a particularly effective way of reaching an audience in a useful manner.

The cheapest way to manage your ad campaigns in terms of operating cost is to simply run them yourself. There are no special requirements to manually run a campaign. Just head to the platform you wish to advertise on and set up your campaign on their website. On the plus side, running campaigns yourself allows you to devote 100% of your budget toward testing different ads and finding winners. Every dollar goes directly into actual advertising.

Furthermore, running ads yourself will result in you developing your own expertise, which can be used to better optimize your ads and will persist into the future. Even if you change tactics down the road, you will have a baseline understanding of how advertising on a given platform works and a threshold to measure outside hires against.


  1. Improve on your contents

Sometimes, it could be hard and time-consuming to come up with content on the fly. The summary of this tip is being contextual. There is no doubt, context is the key. Not all social media interactions are alike. Users may look to one platform of their social media for entertainment or news and to another for technical knowledge or inspiration. What defines and distinguish you from others is how intelligent your contents are. Most first timers get it so wrong when using social media ads.

When it comes to social media, content is everything. Pay careful attention to not just the update itself, but the image, and if it’s a link post, the caption/description and headline. Your post copy should engage people and draw them in a short and concise way.

Next time you write that great blog post, e-book (or any other type of content), don’t just post it once and forget about it. Instead, write multiple different updates that link to that content and schedule the updates out over the course of the next week or month. If your blog post is on Facebook advertising, for instance, you might have one update that reads “Check out our top 5 Facebook advertising tips,” another that reads “Learn how to be a Facebook advertising champion,” another that reads “Learn 5 secrets for winning Facebook ads,” etc. You get the gist.

People tend to recognize contents that are unique and grammar free. For you to get social media advertising for the very first time right, work more on your contents, if you are poor on your grammar, improve on it.

  1. Let your ads be useful

First timers using the social media ads who are not getting right should take note of this tip, also applicable to anyone that would love to use the social media ads for the very first time.

There are some ads that are useless and so understanding how users and audience utilizes their social media presence can help brands leverage their marketing dollars. Some users may not want to see an advert containing cigarettes while scrolling and going through pictures of a friend’s trip, but a soft-drink ad might hit home. Some users will really love useful ads like step-by-step approach to a particular thing than seeing ads containing clothes that will get users pissed off making their social media feeds crafting heavy.

  1. Availability and Accessibility

Organizations and brands should be accessible during the period and even after ads placement. There is need to build and create reliable and active audience that will help to share, spread and even recommend your contents to loyal and trustworthy followers and fans of their own.

Moreso, beyond even publishing ads or contents that is true and engaging to their image, you can accomplish this by making yourself available and accessible to your audience, fans or consumers.

A powerful tool like instant messaging especially on facebook can be a powerful for responding to consumer questions, answering to complaints and even you also stand a chance to build a more long intimate lasting relationship with your targeted audience.

When you are accessible and available by responding and answering in a more intimate and personal way to your audience or users, your organization or brand can mobilize audience, giving them an insight in taking an initiative of building a long term relationship with them.

A huge benefit of social media is that it gives organizations the chance to engage with their audience and contests are a great way to facilitate some great engagement.

  1. Improve on your quality score

This is yet another essential tip. High quality score is very crucial because you stand to get more high adverts impression share for even low engagement cost per click at a same cheaper budget. However the most candid way to improve on your score is to improve the engagement performance.

Choose the right suitable keywords that will match your social media ads. Posting quality content can have a synergistic effect on the reach of your other posts. Before improving on your quality score, know that before creating a social media account on a particular channel, the first thing you should do is develop a social media plan (a separate one Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.). This plan should outline your goals, objectives, audiences, tone and voice, posting schedule, types of content you’ll post, and success metrics.

And also check out to see what your competitors are posting. You should keep an eye on what they’re doing (and not doing) on social media. What kind of content are they posting? How often are they posting it? How are they engaging with their audience? If you see that something they’re doing is effective, you may want to do something similar, or may be able to draw inspiration on from it.

  1. Be testy and Authentic

This is the summary of all the tips so far. Above all, brands and organization need to strive for authenticity. Being authentic implies that you have a more realistic approach and process by creating, selectively and producing contents shareable on social media that will promote your brand and organization.

Some users have really shown that they are not actually open to only branded social media content which they welcome but considered the fact that the content is relevant, not use relevant along but also useful. Some media usage statistics shows that users and audience are mostly interested in being entertained and to stay connected.

One big mistake some first timer do make at the start which they get wrong is that they too often fail in really understanding and investing in testing to see how effective social media advertising could be. They just jump in so quickly and you see them lamenting to early.

This is a mistake. Hence have this tip at the back of your mind. Be testy and authentic. This will make you blossom and boom at your very first start.  Without validitation of ads to see if an ad achieves its objectives, a brand or organization can’t be certain of success.

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